How do store credits and discount codes work?

How Do Store Credits & Discount Codes Work?

If you select Store Credit on your Returns Form, we will issue you with an email containing a code to redeem your store credit.

Please save this email or make a record of this code. For security reasons, your store credit is treated like cash, and therefor is not attached to your tomgunnells account or automatically applied at the checkout. If you lose your code, let us know, and we can resend the email.

Store Credits expire after 3 years and can be used across multiple orders until you have redeemed the entirety of the credit.

To use a Gift Card, Store Credit or Discount Code on your next purchase please see the images below on how to get to the page where the box is located to enter the code that you have been emailed.

Please note you will not see this box if you click the Paypal link. You need to click the option 'Check out here for all Payment Options.' You will still be given the option to pay via Paypal.